Hand wash at 30° (in the washing machine and by hand)
Do not spin or tumble dry
Iron on low heat setting
Hang dry
Please keep in mind that all advice and recommendations for washing curtains provided on this site are general and are not responsible for the results. Fabrics vary and each may require a different approach. Pay attention to label instructions and, when in doubt, consult a professional.
Water temperature: To wash curtains, use water whose temperature does not exceed 30 degrees.
Preliminary preparation: Remove the curtains and tulle from the curtain rod and shake off any dust. Fill the bathtub with cool water. Prepare a suitable soaking agent.
Preparing the solution for soaking: Dissolve the selected solution in water and soak the fabric in the mixture. The water should completely cover the tulle. Leave in the solution for an hour. During this period, turn the fabric over several times, lifting it and lowering it into the solution again.
Draining the water: Empty the water from the bathtub. Lift the curtain and let the water drain, then place it in an empty basin.
Rinse: Fill the bathtub with clean, warm water. Place the curtains in the solution and rinse the fabric, leave for half an hour.
Disposing of used water: Discard the used water. Repeat the procedure if necessary.
Final Rinse: Rinse curtains in cool water. When rinsing, it is recommended to add fabric softener to soften the fabric.
Spinning and preparing for drying: Carefully fold the fabric lengthwise several times and gently squeeze without twisting. Hang the product over a bathtub or basin to drain off excess water.
How to wash curtains and tulle by hand
Preparation: Place the curtains in a special washing net. This will help prevent the fabric from becoming tangled or damaged during washing.
Soaking: Soak the fabric in warm but not hot water with some detergent added. It is recommended to keep the fabric in this solution for 2 hours. This step will help remove dust and dirt and freshen up your curtains.
Preparing the washing machine: Place the fabric in the washing machine. Set the wash cycle to delicate and make sure the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.
Wash settings: It is important to turn off the spin function to avoid damaging the fabric. Also, choose a wash cycle that matches the fabric type of your curtain.
Starting a wash: Start the washing machine and allow it to complete the wash cycle.
Drying: After washing, carefully remove the curtains from the machine and carefully unfold them. It is best to dry curtains by hanging them on a curtain rod or horizontal surface so that they do not fold or wrinkle. However, avoid direct sunlight to prevent colors from fading.
How to wash curtains and tulle in the washing machine
Proper Drying Place: Regardless of the washing method you choose, it is important to dry your curtains thoroughly to avoid mold or unpleasant odors. It is ideal if you have the opportunity to dry the curtains in the sun in dry weather with a good wind. This will ensure good air circulation around the curtains.
Sunlight Caution: However, keep in mind that direct sunlight can affect colors and fabrics, so try to avoid strong sunlight. Place curtains in not too brightly lit areas of the garden or balcony.
Tumble Dry: If the label allows, you can use a washing machine to dry your curtains on low heat. This is a more convenient option that allows you to control drying.
Moisture Test: Remove curtains when they are almost 95% dry. Let them dry naturally in fresh air to avoid wrinkles.
Ironing: If necessary, check the label and iron curtains at recommended settings. This will help return the curtains to their perfect look.
Heavy Fabrics: If your curtains are made from heavy fabrics that take a long time to dry and can become musty, consider steam cleaning them to help keep them fresh.
How to dry curtains and tulle
Vacuum to keep it clean: Vacuuming your curtains regularly will help keep them clean. Use a soft nozzle and carefully go over the entire surface of the curtains. This will help remove dust and small dirt.
Ventilate the room: In order to prevent dust from accumulating on the curtains, it is recommended to ventilate the room weekly. Fresh air will help keep the air clean and prevent dust buildup.
Steam cleaning with textile scents: Steam cleaning with textile scents can give your curtains a fresh scent and refresh their appearance. Steam cleaning is safe for most fabrics and helps eliminate dust and odors.
How to keep curtains and tulle clean