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Why the Gaviota brand and their zipscreen external roller blinds?
Gaviota are leaders in the production of components and systems for roller shutters, awnings and fencing. They are based in Spain (Alicante) and have 50 years of experience in the sun protection industry. They have a high industrial production capacity to meet any demand and are always ready to help their customers.
Wind resistance
The Zipscreen system provides reliable wind protection thanks to its locking technology, making it an ideal choice even in strong winds. This ensures stable and safe operation in all weather conditions.
No folds
Thanks to the zipper principle, Zipscreen roller blinds do not form wrinkles on the fabric. This creates an even and neat coating of the window surface, which gives the interior an aesthetic appearance and increases the functionality of the curtains.
Insect protection
The Zipscreen system not only provides protection from external factors, but also prevents insects from entering the room due to the tight connection between the guides and the canvas.
Energy saving
Zipscreen protects against overheating on hot days and reduces heat loss during the cold season. This not only creates a comfortable interior space, but also saves on cooling and heating costs.
WHAT IS THE ADVANTAGE of external roller blinds
Zipscreen is a multi-functional vertical motorized blind.

Its difference from other systems lies in a special ZIP tape welded to the sides of the canvas.

The canvas is securely fixed in the side guides, which increases resistance to external influences.

Installation is carried out on the window frame or in the opening.

A large selection of colors for canvases and profiles, which allows you to integrate the system into various interior designs.
Protection and style: external Roller Blinds for terraces and windows
Create a cozy outdoor corner
External roller blinds provide reliable protection from the sun, rain and wind, ensuring a comfortable stay in the fresh air in any weather. Create a cozy space for relaxation and communication, providing privacy and protection from prying eyes with the help of façade roller blinds.

Easy operation and installation make external roller blinds the ideal choice for updating your terrace or gazebo. They are easily raised and lowered electrically for maximum ease of use.
Style and functionality for your home
External roller blinds provide effective protection from sunlight and overheating of the room, helping to create comfortable living conditions inside the house. Give yourself and your family privacy and security with the ability to adjust the level of light penetration and protect your space from prying eyes.

External roller blinds are available in a variety of designs and colors, allowing you to choose the ideal solution that will harmoniously fit into the interior of your home, giving it a unique and stylish look.
EXAMPLES OF USING external roller blinds
External roller blinds:
Size: 2500 х 2700mm
Textile: Dickson Elephant
Profile: white
External roller blinds:
Size: 6000 х 3500mm
Textile: Sattler 318
Profile: antracite
External roller blinds:
Size: 1800 х 2400mm
Textile: Serge 600 5%
Profile: white
External roller blinds:
Size: 2000 х 2000mm
Textile: Serge 600 Linen
Profile: antracite
External roller blinds:
Size: 1900 х 2500mm
Textile: Lunar BO Charcoal Profile: antracite
External roller blinds:
Size: 4000 х 2500mm
Textile: Lunar BO white
Profile: brown
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