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WHY CHOOSE Roman curtains?
Only high-quality fabrics and mechanisms are used, ensuring the durability and reliability of the structure
Unique assembly mechanism: Evenly gathered into horizontal folds, the curtains create an elegant appearance and ensure ease of control.

Perfect fit: The curtains are tailored to the dimensions of your window, providing a perfect fit and aesthetic appeal.

Wide selection of styles and fabrics: Motiva will craft curtains in any style and from any fabric to match your tastes and needs.

Space-saving: Roman curtains take up minimal space, making them ideal for small rooms such as kitchens or bedrooms.

Easy control: Operating Roman curtains is simple and convenient, making them suitable for use in children's rooms.

We'll customize an option to suit every taste
– Roman curtains
    Elegance and style
Roman curtains are highly popular and widely used for decorating stylish interiors. They are used to adorn and drape window openings in private homes, apartments, offices, and restaurants. Practically all types of fabric from the Motiva collection are suitable for making Roman textile curtains.
Austrin curtains –
Comfort and luxury    
Austrian curtains are a classic option that is perfect for both offices and lavish cafes and restaurants. They become an ideal solution for decorating any space; their emphasized luxury makes Austrian curtains one of the most prestigious ways to decorate a window opening. Their description can be limited to just one word — elegance.
Roman and Austrian curtains: What's the difference?
Roman curtains
Roman curtains are lifted upwards, forming horizontal folds with the help of a cord or chain.

Roman curtains have a flatter and more rigid appearance due to evenly distributed horizontal folds.

Roman curtains are typically used in modern and classical interiors, adding accents and structure to windows.
austrian curtains
Austrian curtains also lift upwards, but they form more voluminous horizontal folds, creating the effect of lush drapery.

Austrian curtains have a more voluminous and luxurious appearance due to deeper and more decorative folds.

Austrian curtains are often associated with romantic and elegant styles, suitable for more classical and luxurious interiors.
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Material + tailoring + installation
Roman curtain:
Size: 2500 х 2000mm
Textile: Ridex Nordic
Material + tailoring + installation
Double roman curtain:
Size: 2100 х 3000mm
Textile: Dateks 65551
Textile: Dekoma Puro Rafia
Material + tailoring + installation
Roman curtain:
Size: 1500 х 2800mm
Textile: Dekoma Puro Onyx
Material + tailoring + installation
Austrian curtain:
Size: 1400 х 1800mm
Textile: Janan Light
Material + tailoring + installation
Roman curtain:
Size: 2200 х 2500mm
Textile: Dateks 65551
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