Delicate cleaning using perchlorethylene
Iron on low heat setting
Please keep in mind that all advice and recommendations for washing curtains provided on this site are general and are not responsible for the results. Fabrics vary and each may require a different approach. Pay attention to label instructions and, when in doubt, consult a professional.
Our clients are often interested in the cost of dry cleaning curtains, but it is important to understand that the exact price can only be determined after inspection by a specialist. This is due to a number of factors that influence the final cost of the service.

Inspection and analysis:
  • Professional dry cleaning always begins with an external inspection. This step is important because we must determine the following factors:
  • Type of curtain material and its current condition.
  • Degree of contamination and presence of stains.
  • The level of durability of the paints used in production.
  • Checking curtain markings.
Curtain markings:
  • Markings on curtains allow you to determine which dry cleaning method can be used. Various designations include:
  • F: No cleaning with aqueous solvents (dry cleaning required).
  • P: Clean with perchlorethylene.
  • W: Curtains can be washed in water.
Basic dry cleaning methods:
  • Depending on the material and marking, we use various dry cleaning methods, such as:
  • Foam generation: using air foam with cleaning products.
  • Steam generation: steam treatment.
  • Dry cleaning: use of products that are insoluble in water (including perchlorethylene).
how to professionally dry clean curtains
Vacuum to keep it clean: Vacuuming your curtains regularly will help keep them clean. Use a soft nozzle and carefully go over the entire surface of the curtains. This will help remove dust and small dirt.
Ventilate the room: In order to prevent dust from accumulating on the curtains, it is recommended to ventilate the room weekly. Fresh air will help keep the air clean and prevent dust buildup.
Steam cleaning with textile scents: Steam cleaning with textile scents can give your curtains a fresh scent and refresh their appearance. Steam cleaning is safe for most fabrics and helps eliminate dust and odors.
Maintaining cleanliness between dry cleaners